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My Glass – Frameless glass doors

No other product is like it on the market, and the real benefit to you is that it adds value to your home but also saves on heating bills due to its extremely high thermal efficiency. Also suitable for any commercial application, our Frameless Glass Doors can be used for any internal or external purpose. Whether it’s to separate two internal rooms, or act as a Patio Door, every system is custom built to match your exact size requirements.

Sliding glass doors with over 300 colour options

Suitable for practically any application, the frameless glass door can be used to separate internal rooms, act as a patio door, or even be used for a multitude of commercial purposes. For the past five years we’ve been involved with developing and manufacturing frameless glass bi-folding door systems, including a wide selection of residential sliding doors. Over the past few years the frameless glass patio door has been used for many commercial and residential purposes. The reasons for this are two-fold: because they offer both enhanced aesthetics over traditional doors, as well as added functionality regarding their opening mechanism. Once, all patio door options used bulky frames and clunky operating systems, but now we have developed an alternative known as the frameless glass curtain (due to its resemblance to the opening of curtains).

Slimline Frames

Many homeowners now want completely seamless views of the garden or patio area. Frameless glass sliding doors are unique in that they offer the functionality comparable to that of a bifold door, without the need for any intrusive aluminium frames. In addition to this our frameless patio door system has comparable reliability to any traditional UPVC or aluminium folding sliding door. Because of the low number of moving parts, they are actually more reliable than many other alternative door systems. This is why the frameless glass sliding door is such a unique product. Every bifold sliding door is tailor-made to meet your exact requirements and measurements, and then installed by our in house trained professionals.

Possible Applications:

  • Patio Door
  • Room Divider
  • Office Walling
  • Shopfront

Frameless Glass Doors – Single Glazed

Whether it be a conservatory, kitchen, living room or study area. The benefits of separating two rooms could be to keep heat within one room, to keep noise out of another room or even to save money on heating bills. Our single glazed bifold glass door offer a unique approach to this need. Using glass doors you can easily separate two rooms so that you can see through into the other room. The most important feature of this is that they can be fully retracted so the opening is nearly 100% open. This may be useful if you have large gatherings, or friends and family, or just need to open up the house. For added privacy all of our doors come with optional glazing features, whether you would need frosted glass or integral blinds. Using a very similar opening mechanism to the double glazed door, the main difference is in the width and thickness of each panel.

Frameless Glass Doors – Double Glazed

Our frameless glass sliding doors come in two different options, one being the single glazed sliding glass door and the other the double glazed alternative. The double glazed frameless glass door, our best selling product to date, surpasses all UK building regulations. It is a great alternative to framed aluminium doors as well as PVC folding door’s. This double glazed alternative is suitable for any external purpose, whether it be a household or business premises. As standard, all of our frameless bi-folding doors comes with a unique weather protection system that has been developed over the past five years to ensure your home is safe in all weather conditions, from -10° up to 50°. This makes it the perfect choice for any coastline resident or inner-city property.

The double glazed frameless door reaches extremely high U-Value ratings. All our aluminium is firmly broken to increase thermal efficiency and glass is a better thermal conductor material than compared with any metal attentive.

How do they work?

Our doors comprise of several main components, utilising a slide-fold configuration. Every panel is secured in place by bottom and top rails.

Unique Weather Protection System

Our concertina glass door uses a unique weather protection system so you never need to worry about your home in any weather condition. 100% waterproof we also offer a complete manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind. Fully tested to meet all UK building regulations, they are as reliable as any traditional external door system.

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